San Miguel Church

In the uninhabited village of Avellaneda, the church of San Miguel Arcángel, located at one end, stands out above all the houses. The nave is modest, rectangular in shape with an east-west orientation.

The apse tops the chancel, there are cross marks. At the foot, a beautiful belfry watches the sun go down. It is in a continuous process of reconstruction, entire panels have had to be built of brick, but most of it has resisted for many centuries.

In spite of being a simple construction, it has a halo that captivates all those who approach it. Its antiquity may date back to the 13th century.

Observa el emplazamiento de la iglesia

The door faces south, which is the most punished side. The interior is very modest. The whitewashed walls and the wooden structure on the ceiling give a picturesque tone to the whole that makes it pleasing to the eye.

There used to be a Christ of great artistic value. It is a carving of the XVI century that we can visit in the church of Castañar. In his honor, the Romería del Cristo de la Avellaneda is held in May.

The whole town travels to the farmhouse demonstrating a feeling that is marked with golden letters in the heart of Castañar. Marked on its walls we can observe some crosses, dots and remains of an artistic sgraffito.