Canchos de Vadillo

For hikers or off-road enthusiasts. The Canchos del Vadillo are located on the left bank of the deep valley of the Gualija River as it passes through the “armorican quartzites” of the Guadarranque-Gualija Syncline.

From Castañar there is the deepest view of the valley, with the impression that the land has sunk. The sensation of vertigo is overwhelming before the great ravine that suddenly opens before us.

Keep in mind that a good number of vultures nest in these canchos, so it will not be strange to see them gliding under our eyes. From Peraleda de San Román there is access to the opposite view of the Canchos. Ideal to do both.

The scientific interest is determined by the formations found in the contact zones of two minerals of different nature. Thus, where slate, sandstone conglomerates and granite meet, the degree of alteration of the rocks makes them look half-baked. A kind of halo is observed with the rocks, like a rainbow of earths that take you from one pure mineral to the other.

Valle del Gualija
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