Natura de Castañar Swimming Pool

We are located in a natural area of extraordinary environmental quality. We are in the middle of the valley, in a traditional bathing place for the population of the chestnut grove, always considered by the neighbors where they came here to enjoy the waters of the river Ibor and a cool space all day.

It is on the road between Castañar de Ibor and Robledollano, so access is very easy.

A few years ago, the town council managed to have the place declared a natural swimming pool, thus giving legality to an ancestral custom.

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Espacio Natural

In this way, it was possible to make important investments in the environment to improve accessibility and enjoyment of the baths.

There is ample parking to park our car, it is guarded and orderly, so we can leave our things safely without problems, practically at the edge of the river. The access ramp to the pool is very steep, but also very short. A large terrace is immediately available for sunbathing without the discomfort of rough terrain. and part of the ground that is filled with sand, another part concreted and even a very wooded area in its natural state.

The bridge that crosses the road provides good shade at your feet. There are garbage cans, containers, tables, benches and all the necessary furniture to develop our day in the best conditions. It is important to make proper use of all these elements for their conservation.

The water is not as cold as in the headwaters of Del Valle, it is a bit cooler, but it is very pleasant in the summer heat. The pool is not very deep, so swimming is very safe.

Below the wall of the pool we find the remains of an old bridge, it has all the appearance of having been from Roman times, when all this valley was plagued by mining operations. We do not know the construction of the bridge, whether it was a bridge with arches or pilasters supporting a wooden bridge.

The forest of ash and alder trees adds a color and freshness to the environment that is priceless. We invite you to stroll through a gallery forest that at times does not let a ray of sunshine through. It is an indescribable feeling.

Nearby there is a beach bar, so necessary in leisure activities and free time, has a large terrace and good shadows. In addition to soft drinks, ice cream and sweets, they also offer snacks and sandwiches that are a delight.

It is very important to be aware during our stay in this place, to think that our actions are not in vain and all have consequences. The waste we generate, the vegetation we damage, the noise pollution. We must respect the natural state of the area and respectfully maintain its conservation.