Chestnut trees Pumpkins. Singular Trees of Extremadura

Some are more than five hundred years old and a few others may have the stamp of centuries behind them. It is also complemented by the Calabazas waterfall; an imposing waterfall, which according to the rainy season presents different attractions, always in an incomparable setting.

Thanks to this route that we propose, your vision will be reinforced by the many cultural and environmental values that you will get to know; unknown to the general public and all, sample of the best ecosystems of Extremadura. As diverse and appreciated as they are original.

Arroyo Calabazas
Todas las estaciones

The group declared as Singular Trees of Extremadura includes a grove of 17 specimens of chestnut, Castanea sativa Milar, together with a specimen of Quejigo.

The largest of all has a crown of 17 meters and a trunk that exceeds 8 meters. You have to see them up close or with someone as a reference to appreciate the magnitude of the chestnut trees.

You immediately understand that their vision depends a lot on the season of the year you visit them. They are all impressive and the changes are radical: bare in winter, filled with bright green leaves, a little dull in summer and raging yellows, oranges and browns in autumn.

We continue to reach our other objective. A small cave and pieces of cobblestone path mark the end of this route. We are in the Chorrera de Calabazas, just where the water jumps several meters into the void to fall into a small pool. In summer there is no water at all, and the rest of the year it is very conditioned by the fall of rainwater.


It is necessary to descend a few meters to contemplate the fall from below and enjoy the chromatic variety of all the rock, where the greens and reds mix their shades to recreate suggestive forms.