Cancho de las Narices

The cancho de las narices is a reference for all the surrounding villages, and here opens a gorge that takes the roads out of the intricate valleys that cross all the mountain systems from east to west to communicate the east and west of the geopark in the fastest way.

The road takes advantage of a large fault that has broken through the Sierra to bring the Viejas River into the Libor. a gorge of a few hundred meters where the mountains squeeze from the sides, we feel boxed in, wrapped by a very lively nature.

Ctra. de Robledollano
Cuidado desde la Carretera

very close to here is the pool of the river viejas and the natural pool of castañar de ibor, also the whole environment that unfolds on the banks of the river, where a path brings us closer to the great diversity of this space. In fact, the best views of El cancho de las narices are right on the path that is on the other side of the river, where we practically have it in front of us. If we follow this path we will see the remains of an old fish farm and a very old mill. There are documents from the 16th century that tell us about an inn that was located here.

From the road, the view is very low, you have to be very careful with cars, but it allows us to get very close to the big rock and observe the mirror of Falla at a nose’s breadth. It is in the trench made in the road, just below the cancho. the Fault mirror can be observed as a darkened, highly polished and shiny surface, with the striations formed by the friction between the displaced blocks.

to the right immediately below, you can see some folds in the rocks and also how the stones between the two blocks have been practically crushed.

The car must be left on a nearby road. It comes out on the right if you come from Robledollano before the cancho, if you come from El Castañar you will have to pass the cancho and the path will be on the left. From there a few meters walk along the road to the cliff or down the road that leads to the river, crosses it, and climbs a little giving us some nice views of the cancho de la nariz.