La Herrería de Ibor

La Herrería de Ibor is what remains of a very old mining complex located on the right bank of the Ibor River. It borders the neighboring town of Navalvillar de Ibor, which leads us to believe that it already existed when these lands were divided.

The model must have been a very industrialized design, because at least in the nearby town of Navalvillar de Ibor, in Campillo de Deleitosa and in the Viejas river valley there are others exactly like this one.

Valle del Ibor
Un paseo agradable

Both repeat the shapes, the hollows, the arches, the dimensions. There is no news of its construction or use. It is known that in the last times of mining in Castañar, this was no longer used. Most probably it dates back to Roman times, since there are few times in this part of Extremadura when enterprises of this magnitude were undertaken.

The water was brought by a large aqueduct of which an important trace remains. In the vicinity of the blacksmith’s shop it can be perfectly appreciated how the liquid arrived, the box can be guessed between piles of fallen earth, modern walls and uses. From the aerial photos you can see more than a kilometer of driving.

The core of the complex is formed by an elongated rectangle over which the canal runs. The water fall will be the energy used to grind the ore. On the sides it has two arches very close to each other, one wider than the other. The front is also open, presenting a slender figure. This entire mass is hollow, presenting a corridor from beginning to end.

In the surrounding area there are numerous remains of ore passed through the forge, especially in the Herrería enclosure. There are also many ceramic remains in small fragments scattered everywhere.

A good part of the whole is underground, so there are probably many questions that can be uncovered. Everything points to a Roman construction, opposite is Mina Lolita, which would serve as mineral to this vast complex.