Interpretation Center of the Cave of Castañar

Very close to the city center. It is structured in three main areas; the first of which brings the visitor closer to the geological and environmental setting of the region. In it, there are a series of panels and other educational resources that provide information about the flora, fauna and the different biotopes that make up the human activity, reflected in the traditional ways of using the resources available to them.

There is also space for the popular culture created by its inhabitants generation after generation, which is also exhibited in this area of the center.

Ctra. del Camping
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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
9:00 – 14:00
y 17:00 – 19:00

The following didactic space is focused on explaining the karst processes, which are responsible for the physiology of the chestnut grove and in which water acting on the limestone plays a crucial role. How is its origin and development, what other factors and processes interfere or what is the process by which the interior of the cavity is decorated with such different formations, are questions that are answered through models with scale reproductions of real examples and informative panels.

The full-scale representation of one of the corners of the cave is undoubtedly the most unique part of this interpretation center. It is possible to admire the most characteristic formations, which decorate every corner of the chestnut grove as if it were mineral vegetation.

Thus, we can appreciate examples of delicate and precious crystallizations of quartzite and aragonite, solid columns, which drop by drop, century after century, have been rising from the ground in great development, staggered subway lakes and an endless number of very interesting formations.

The visit to the center culminates with the viewing of a spectacular 3D video. It tells the geological history, the process of formation of the cave’s characteristics. Descending into the chestnut tree cave means entering a subway work of art carved by water to create something unique and grandiose. For its beauty, a fragile treasure that fortune wanted to unveil and it is our obligation to preserve it as the natural monument that it is.

It is not easy to get a reservation to visit the cave in person, but this Center is always at your disposal, in the morning and afternoon every day of the week except Mondays.