Despoblado Las Colmenitas

This is just one of the many villages that were scattered throughout the area. Between 50 and 100 people, several families, usually related to each other, were grouped together. They sought to get closer to their work environments, where they had their orchard, olive grove, livestock… in short, their life. They took advantage of the most generous sources to settle down, these will also serve for the irrigation of crops, fruit trees, etc.

The buildings are small, barely fifty square meters in size, and even several generations lived there. Next to the houses are the corrals; for pigs and goats mainly, these will be the mainstay of their daily diet along with the products of the garden, harvesting, hunting and fishing in the river Ibor.

There is nothing to suggest that they suffered shortages or needs, quite the contrary. What they did suffer from was extreme isolation, perhaps excessive for modern times.