Avellaneda Settlement

We have all thought about the possibility of getting lost for a while in an abandoned village; off the beaten track and close to a river that is always alive, with abundant vegetation and the proximity of wild animals bordering the houses.

This village exists, it is called La Avellaneda and it is located in the middle valley of the Ibor river. It sits on a hill that falls into the river, in the manner of the ancient forts, taking advantage of the clean current of the Arroyo del Horcajo that continues the moat on the southern flank.

Despoblado de la Avellaneda
Hay una pista en buenas codiciones

Although it has been uninhabited for more than 500 years, it is a place that resists to disappear completely as many other villages have done.

Barely twenty houses are still standing; many others are in serious ruin and of the remaining third we only see the walls destroyed to a greater or lesser extent.

La Avellaneda was never a place of many people; in its best moments it can be supposed to have a population of three hundred souls.

The last known attempt at repopulation dates back to 1811, but it was never carried out. Since then many ideas and few initiatives for this corner of the Valley, its future is perhaps linked to that of the whole of Extremadura.